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Shamla Atelier

Shamla designs, manufactures, wholesales and retails exclusive and original Ladies fashion, traditional, partywear, fancy and casualwear to Afghanistan some international stores and multiple retailers, under the Shamla Atelier brand, and Shamla Couture brand.

Shamla has been at the forefront of the Afghan and international modified Fashion since it was founded in October 2020 and is acclaimed as one of Afghanistan’s leading fashion houses for Traditional, Partywear, Fancy, Casual and Special Occasion wear. It proudly launched the first Afghan Fashion Designing wear and offering exclusive, original and feminine styles for the fashion-conscious woman of today.

Shamla Atelier is not just a brand but a reflection of Afghanistan’s 5,000-year history and a tribute to our skilled women. Each of our garments is an everlasting story of our colorful culture that sends a message of peace and friendship to the whole world. In fact, Shamla Atelier is the identity of Afghanistan made of threads of love. We are proud that we have set out to show the world the positive side of Afghanistan. We hope you will join us in this journey.

Shamla designs, manufactures and retails its own designs and is expanding to many retail outlets in Afghanistan and outside.


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